Retrouvez ici les abstracts réalisés par les militants de AIDES pour la 17e conférence internationale sida

The fight against AIDS in the 2007 French elections campaigns
Chronic illnesses and employment : a novel guide created by those concerned
Discrimination between HIV negative and positive MSM : Results from the “AIDES & toi” survey
“If i were” (awareness campaign)
How to involve PLWHAs in the fight against HIV/AIDS ? : A survey of the largest French community-based organisation’s members
Developing distribution networks and reducing the consumer cost of condoms in France to increase their accessibility
Welcome to the European Union ! INTEGRATION projects 2005-2008
Convention on gay HIV+ men : a community initiative to incite MSM mobilisation
NGOs unite at the pan-European level to improve HIV prevention and support for Men who have sex with Men (MSM)
Four leading community-based NGOs unite to launch a new international initiative
In kind donation programs assessment of pharmaceutical companies in
the overall AIDS care in ten French-speaking African countries : the nevirapine and fluconazole cases
Remaides, a novel, community-based, press experience
“With us and for us” The RAAC network: black civil society in France unite to strengthen community-based responses to HIV/AIDS
Fighting discrimination inside the African community living in France : a campaign involving the people concerned
Local NGO leadership to promote quality HIV testing services in North Africa
A training programme aimed at promoting and spreading the expertise of community-based organizations to improve global access to care
Switching from a professionally run catering service to a community-based one
6 months for self care: community-based recharging of the batteries for gay HIV+ men
Increase the political clout of activists by merging NGOs
Having migrants from sub-Saharan Africa accept HIV testing by the association’s activists using rapid tests
Initiation for future nurses on public health action to improve care and treatment for HIV positive patients
Mobilisation of MSM communities around the issues of HIV and STIs
Mobilization of the “Men having Sex with Men” (MSM) community in French speaking Africa
New methods of raising private funds to facilitate the fight against AIDS